Why is my android phone not charging? here is the fix

Is your phone finally charging?

If you’ve left it for a elongate time with a flat battery, it could need ‘shocking’ into existence again. Some people advise turning the mains shift off and on a few times in quick succession to do this.

If you find your android phone in a flash won’t charge, here are seven potential fixes you can try yourself.

In addition to the natural aging of android phone batteries, our poor charging habits will also accelerate or cause the slow charging of android phones. For this issue, we have listed not too methods, you can have a try.

If this troubleshooting guide did its job well, you will probably understand what is causing your phone’s charging matter at this point in time. At best, you might need to put in place of your charging cable with a new one. Doing a plant reset on your phone is challenging and a bit of a hassle, but you will need to do it if it is what needed to be done.

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Restart your phone

If you plugged in your android phone and made certain it’s securely connected on both ends, but it still won’t charge, the first object you should try is to restart your phone. Certain apps that run in the qualifications may affect the battery.

Time for a new phone?

If you’ve tired all avenues then there are only a couple of options left on the table. You can take the handset to a repair shop (remember, if it’s under guarantee you can bring it back to the retailer you bought it from), or take into replacing it.

Clean your phone charge port

Reboot your phone

Before you start frantically searching google for why won’t my phone charge try turning your phone off and on again. Frequently, the reason why your phone isn’t charging when plugged in is that there’s been a uncomplicated connection hiccup. To rule out a stopgap glitch as the cause, a reboot should always be the first object you do.

How to get your android charging correctly again (troubleshooting)

If after a few pin adjustments your android still isn’t charging while turned on, then the problem lies somewhere else. From this point on, you need to examine three dissimilar factors: the cables used, the power fountain-head, and your battery.

Why does my phone take so long to charge?

Re-start reboot your phone tablet

Restarting your device to fix why won’t my phone charge mistake is a very effective remedy. This way of rebooting your device not only fixes software glitches but other but also tackles other factors operations that might be running in the qualifications preventing your device from charging.

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Why does my phone take so long to charge?

As we’ve mentioned above, if you’re applying a usb port on your laptop to charge your phone, or if you’re applying your phone while it is charging, it might take longer for your android phone to charge.

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Charge the battery

This may probe silly, but it’s possible your phone is just out of battery. Try plugging your phone into a charger—if the battery is really drained, it won’t inevitably light up right away. Try leaving it plugged in for 15 to 30 minutes or so before turning it on.

Do i need to change to a new phone?

Very rarely do you need to change to a unique phone when your android phone won’t charge. However, if all methods we’ve outlined above fail, and your phone is old with an expired promise, your best option may be to get a unique phone.

Have you updated your phone recently?

It’s not frequently, but on some occasions a unique update to the operating system can cause charging issues or battery management errors.

How to fix a loose usb cable phone charger port

How to get your android charging correctly again (bent pin)

Since the pin problem is the most commonplace, i’ll go over that first, and then talk about how you can troubleshoot the other issues if this doesn’t fix your android. All you’ll need for this is a flathead screwdriver, plenty of light, and a steady hand.

Oneplus one will not turn on

If your phone id not turning on even when plugged in, the battery could be quite drained. Plug your oneplus one into a wall outlet via the charging cable and wall adapter and sanction it fully charge before attempting to switch it on. If phone is not charging, monitor the oneplus one will not charge section at the top of the page.

What causes android phone charging slow?

In addition to the natural aging of android phone batteries, our poor charging habits will also accelerate or cause the slow charging of android phones. For this matter, we have listed several methods, you can have a try.

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Oneplus one will not charge

The oneplus one does not charge as a result of being plugged in or does not identify the nearness of a charging cable.

Put your phone in safe mode

If you’ve tried rebooting your phone, but your android device is still not charging, try to put your phone in safe manner. This allows you to decide whether any third-party apps on your phone are causing the point, since in safe mode, your phone is restricted to running only the software it shipped with.

Phone not charging? now you can troubleshoot the problem yourself

Given how myriad little components are responsible for charging your phone’s battery, charging issues have become more common, particularly as phones get even thinner, and we start to see more foldable phones, which need extra care and maintenance.

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Common accessory faults that cause phones not to charge

When doing any nice of troubleshooting the first article to try is ruling out the most likely culprits that could be causing the problem. Below are a few suggestions, all of which are easy, fast, and don’t require a screwdriver of any nice.

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Step power your phone down

Before you start poking any connectors or pins, switch your phone off first. Power it down entirely, and wait around fifteen seconds before you start getting setup to fix the point.

Don’t use your phone while charging

The more stuff you do on your phone while it’s charging, the slower it will charge. For sample, if you’re playing a game on your phone while it charges, it’ll charge method slower. In truth, i’ve even seen my battery decrease while plugged in and kindred a game at the same time. We all thought that was supposed to be impossible, but turns out we can still displace battery while plugged in if we’re doing some focused gaming or streaming.

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Causes for android phone not charging

Monitor the outlet or power source. The outlet you’ve plugged your phone into may not be working for some reason, so try a unlike one. Like manner, try a dissimilar powerbank or usb port on your computer to see if that solves the issue.

Inspect the phone for physical damage

First, give your phone a good once-over. Did you drop the phone recently? is the screen cracked or damaged? is the battery inflated? (if so, do not attempt to switch the phone on—take it straight to a local e-waste facility instead. )

My phone won’t charge, what should i do?

First, make sure the socket you’re using is provided power by plugging another device in. Next monitor the power cable for any damage. Do the exact with your phone’s charging port and remove any debris that might be stuck in it. Once you’ve checked everything’s ok, switch your phone off and plug it in – if the battery is entirely drained it may take 2-3 minutes to start charging. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with your network provider or the store you bought it from.

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