Fast fixes for common android problems

Can’t download images from whatsapp on android phones

A number of users on the samsung forums have complained that after updating to android, they can no longer see their phone contacts or latest call log from their automobile when connected via bluetooth. This means they can’t apply voice calling or redial recently called numbers.

If you’re having problems that aren’t specifically mentioned here, you might be able to dig up some solutions online. Just be sure to choose definite keywords that comprise your type of phone and the exact problem that’s plaguing it. Else, you’ll encounter thousands of results of varying relevance.

Overheating issues can take place due to various reasons. But, the most commonplace plot is that you have overcharged the device or are playing games for a few hours.

App and phone crashing seem like that problem you can’t but come across on movable phones, even if you’re using the most costly phone out there.

How to fix android phone charges slowly or won’t charge problem

Apps not downloading from google play store on android phones

However, if you are getting troubleshooting during the installation or updating process, the following section will supply speedy solutions.

Bluetooth issues on android phones

In the old days, bluetooth was the only medium to transfer data wirelessly. But nowadays, bluetooth is strict to connect different devices.

Galaxy s s s notes: phone wont power up just vibrates screen flickers

Common android problems and their solutions

Your android phone may start disconnecting from wifi either while applying the phone or when it goes to sleep. And as a result, there will be a delay in messages and notifications. Android does this to rescue battery life, but it’s not for everyone. So, here’s how to resolve this problem:

A frozen unresponsive phone

Imagine having your phone freeze up in the middle of an important task… i’ve been there, and it’s just one of the most frustrating ordinary unstationary phone problems out there.

The spotify app isn’t opening or is crashing on your android phone or tablet

Android problem # — google app causing a lot of battery drain

Some users have establish that the google app is responsible for the volume of battery usage on their devices. This is an issue that shows up completely frequently and across various phones. It seems to be an increasingly commonplace problem with android in recent years.

Phone freezing or apps crashing

There can be multitudinous reasons why your phone is freezing or crashing apps upon launch. For instance, if the device is really elderly, it’s obvious that its hardware is failing, by that point, you should in all probability just buy a new android phone.

Screen gets stuck unresponsive in android phones

You have purchased the android phones for a smooth user experience and seamless touch answer. But now and then, you will notice that the screen will be stuck and doesn’t move after a few swipes.

Usb otg cable not charging phone fix!

The phone gets so hot that it turns itself off

Not a very ordinary default seen in our lab, but one we encounter from time to time. It is quite normal for a unstationary phone utilising the android os to transform into hot when under heavy processing load. Much like a home computer, the more you query of it, the more heat is produced.

Phone does not charge

If your phone won’t receive charge, it could be because the usb port is dirty, the adapter is damaged or the cable is shabby out, or it’s not compatible with your phone. Therefore, in most cases, cleaning the usb port and purchasing a original adapter and cable can fix the problem.

High battery drainage problem in android phones

In the android phones case, you are getting a top-notch processor, which can effortlessly handle any multi-tasking, elongate gaming sessions, and heavy usage in a pretty smooth manner.

How to fix phone screen turning off| fix screen turning off| how to increase screen time in android

Phone is not charging

If your phone is not accepting charge then it could be because the usb port is dirty, the adapter is damaged, or the cable is damaged or mismatched with your phone. Therefore, cleaning the usb port and buying a unique adapter and cable can fix the problem in most cases.

Android problem # — android auto problems

Complaints about connectivity issues with android auto are extremely ordinary, particularly with new phones.

Android problem # — performance issues

If you find your phone running slowly, is laggy, or takes a extended time to respond, there are a few prevailing troubleshooting steps you can go through. A lot of the steps mentioned below can regularly help with battery drain issues as well. Performance and battery problems are apparently always going to be a part of android os.

What to do if your android phone won’t turn on

Siri charge my phone to 00%!

Android problem # — connectivity issues

You may on occasion come across connectivity problems with wi-fi and bluetooth. While some devices have precise android problems when it comes to connectivity, below are a few common steps you can try out first.

Apps crashing and freezing on android phones

It’s a pretty ordinary plot where the app froze and forcefully stop working in the android ecosystem smartphones.

That is how you can fix a phone that seems broken after upgrading.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your upgraded phone, and don’t hesitate to set off a comment if you have any questions or would simply like to leave a amicable remark.

How to fix android phone loose charging port at home 0

Phone wont turn on | troubleshooting battery problem | get fixed

Resolve your phone issues at carlcare – we can help!

After all, you can’t fix every smartphone problem on your own. Some problems, specially hardware problems and some software issues require the touch of a professional technician. And that’s where carlcare comes in.

Android phones camera issues

Further, the native camera app glitches while capturing your life moment. Aside from this, camera issues can arise due to bug issues too.

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0. my phone died and wont turn on or charge

An android phone not charging is quite commonplace actually. The first object to do in this plot is to check whether your phone can be charged with other chargers or if it charges when it is connected to your pc via usb.

Most common android problems and solutions

Android is a large platform for mobile and tablet. Thousands of mobiles are running on android. However, this stage also contains some problems – just like any other operating systems. Today, in this post, i am going to show six unlike yet very common problems and their most probable solutions.

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Phone or app crashes

This happens when there is a bug in the installed apps or your phone is running out of space this is one of the frustrating unstationary phone problems.

Why can’t i use the phone link app as a non-default user or two phone mode user (available in korea only)?

You may encounter two phone mode if your unstationary provider is in korea. The phone link app does not currently support two phone way or multiple profiles mode. Please contact your unstationary provider to disable two phone mode so you can apply the phone link app.

The best budget android phones

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