Easy ways to fix youtube not work­ing on android

Why are videos not playing on android phone?

This youtube playback mistake can manifest on any youtube video at any time, even if the app was working fine before.

Youtube is stuttering on occasion? don’t worry. Youtube stuttering could also be caused by an ageing, corrupted or missing video driver  on your computer. So you can update your video driver to the latest version to solve the matter.

Click on the output aspect likeness on the right of the main interface, choose mp under the video tab. Or directly go to the device tab and choose your device model to fix videos not playing on android.

Click on the inverted triangle icon on the buttocks to select an output folder. At last click on run to start the conversion. After transferring the converted videos to your android device, you will find that the android not playing videos problem goes away.

Youtube is one of the most in favour apps to watch videos online, but there are times when the app itself seems to malfunction.

How to fix if youtube app can’t play a video in android | youtube not working in android

How to convert videos to android

As we mentioned above, the unsupported video format is a ordinary cause of android not playing videos and a good video converter is needed to convert videos to android. Wonderfox hd video converter works pro is alleged as one of the most powerful and fastest video converters. It enables you to convert any media file to android video appearance easily.

Reboot your android smartphone if youtube not work­ing on android

Many problems related to your smartphone are really fixable with a simple restart or reboot function. Understanding these problems will solve your point of youtube not work­ing on android. This will close all the running applications and functions in your background, possibly solving the matter you are facing while playing youtube. This will solve the point of youtube not work­ing on android. Also, rebooting your device does not take more than a couple of minutes. Here is the step-by-step process-

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Update your youtube app

Though an outdated youtube app is likely not the accused here, you can still try to fix it by updating youtube from your google play store. This will take only a couple of minutes. So, let’s try following the steps below.

What does it mean when youtube video is not available on this device?

It means that you can’t watch youtube videos on that definite device due to a network or device mistake.

Update your youtube app

Update the youtube app

The youtube app should always be running the latest form so you can benefit from the latest features and bug fixes.

Update youtube app on mobile devices

If youtube videos aren’t working on your movable phone, you may need to update the youtube app. This is because some updates may break ageing versions of youtube on non-stationary devices where the app hasn’t been updated yet.

Update chrome and youtube app

It might be that you are applying an elderly version of chrome or youtube app which is not fully compatible with the latest build. In such cases, updating the app fixes most of the issues.

How to fix youtube update problem 02 | there was a problem singing in to your account

How to fix youtube videos not playing on android

Used by over a billion people worldwide, youtube makes it easier for us to watch all kinds of videos online via its free use. Though, if the youtube videos are not playing on android, then you can over following these suggestions:

Why can’t i watch videos on my phone

When you try to open videos on your android phone, some of them can be played normally yet some can’t. Or you could play videos before, but a split second your android media participant can’t access to them. Moreover, there are myriad other playback errors during the playback process. Why won’t my phone play videos anymore? myriad people are assailing by this problem. Keep reading to discover about how to fix videos not playing on android step by step.

0. update youtube app

App updates are rolled out by the app makers to fix a number of bugs and issues associated with the said app. Google occasionally rolls out updates for the youtube app and you’ve to monitor for it.

How to fix youtube is not updating in android 0 | youtube not updating problem

How to prevent video playback errors on android phone

Since it is better to be safe than remorseful, you should come after some measures to make sure you won’t encounter video playback errors on android. To prevent the videos not playing on android issue, come after these steps:

Give youtube unrestricted data access (android)

You need to give youtube unrestricted facts access so that it can play videos even with the data saver way enabled on your android phone.

Clear cache on your android if youtube not work­ing on android

If restarting your phone does not supervene in fixing youtube not work­ing on android, you can try to clear the cache. Deleting cache files will delete the makeshift data saved on your phone and this can resolve the problem.

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How to fix videos not playing on android phone

Try the below methods to play videos on your android phone. You can fasten these methods to fix the ‘videos not playing’ point in any android phone, such as samsung, oneplus, xiaomi, motorola, htc, etc.

This video is unavailable on this device faq

It means that you can’t watch youtube videos on that definite device due to a network or device mistake.

How to download youtube videos to a phone or tablet

There’s the official youtube extra service which we’ve mentioned already but there are other apps which grant you to download videos directly on your android phone (including for free), but it’s trickier on the iphone. We’ve written separate guides for both types of device:

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Update android os and youtube app

If the matter started appearing after you ignored an os update, that might be the cause. Some users have reported that the matter stopped after they managed to update the youtube app, so we are proceeding to that also. Here’s what you have to do:

Update your android when youtube not work­ing on android

Although there is no connection between youtube not work­ing on android with your outdated android software, it can still cause some errors. And if your problem is due to the outdated operating system, then you can easily shrink it by proceeding for an update.

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Why videos are not playing on android mobile phone

In the best of circumstances, there could be different reasons for getting the video playback mistake on android, depending on whether it is on an app like youtube or the video is saved on your phone.

How to convert videos for android

Run the program and open converter. Click on +add files, choose and import the videos you can’t play on android devices. Or directly drag and drop them into the screen.

Update youtube to its latest version

One probable cause of the youtube not working on iphone ipad point is the incompatibility between the ios operating system and the app. You can go to app store and youtube and monitor its system requirement. Don’t hang back to update youtube if there is a new version available.

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How to fix offline videos not playing on android (for downloaded youtube videos)

If the video is already saved on your android phone and you are still able to play it, then you can over the following suggestions to fix the video playback mistake on android.

Control youtube on tv with your phone, tablet, or computer

If you’re applying a supported tv or game console, your phone, tablet, or computer will connect to your tv automatically when both devices are on the selfsame wi-fi network. Touch or click the  icon to choose the display on which your video will play.

Why are videos not playing on android phone?

If the video has already been downloaded, but you can’t play it on your android phone, then it can have the following reasons.

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