Easy ways to fix youtube not work­ing on android

Solution update youtube app

When you obtain youtube links inside apps like whatsapp, it tries to play the video in that app and not in the youtube app or browser. In some instances, this may not work, or playing videos might take a lot of time.

Youtube is one of the many apps you can apply with chromecast. If you’re having connection issues, monitor the settings on your phone.

Occasionally, the video may just get stuck on the loading or buffering screen and not play at all. To address this, simply close the video and play it again.

Open iphone settings and tap cellular. From here, scroll down and make certain the toggle next to youtube is green.

If videos are not loading on your device, it is probable that your network simply cannot handle the bandwidth requirement. To fix this, try to change the video playback determination on the settings to decrease the required internet speed.

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Top 5 methods to fix youtube video can’t play over wi-fi on iphone

The first item you should do when our iphone or other devices meet some glitches is restarting them. This is the easiest manner, usually, also a serviceable one to fix youtube videos can’t work over wifi on iphone. So at no time underrate the power of restarting.

Check to see if youtube is down

Youtube is a relatively dependable video streaming assistance, but the site has occasional outages. If you know your own internet access is solid, then it might be a good idea to see if the aid is offline before you waste your time attempting other troubleshooting tips. The easiest way to monitor is to go to youtube’s pre-eminence page at downdetector, or just search for is youtube down in a google search (downdetector is typically at the top of the search results). If the site is down, wait a while and try again later.

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1 sign out of youtube account and sign in again

On rare occasions, logging out and logging in may help fix the point. Plus, if you have changed the google account shibboleth and cannot see your subscriptions, re-authenticating might help.

Update the youtube app.

If youtube videos won’t load in the app, you may be dealing with corrupted files or a makeshift glitch that occurred during runtime.

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Is youtube tv down?

Check if the youtube tv site is fully down for all users. You can check this using favoured services like downdetector or outage report.

Looking for different ways to troubleshoot when youtube is not working? check here.

Ever since the lockdown due to coronavirus happened form year, online services have been constantly on the rise. From productivity to amusement, these online services have been acting as a saviour for millions.

Troubleshoot youtube error messages and connection issues

The reason for youtube’s no connection  bulletin is most likely your internet connection. In most cases, just bracing the page fixes the problem, but in other cases, it’s not enough. For example, your unstationary device only uses one internet connection at a time. It is either applying wi-fi or your mobile data connection. Exact goes for computers – one connection at a time. This means if your connection is dotted or intermittent, you will have a poor youtube experience.

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Force quit the youtube app and reopen it

On iphone with a face id, swipe up from the buttocks of the screen and hold. On other iphone models, swiftly press the front home button. Now, drag the youtube card all the method up to force close it. After 15 seconds, open youtube again, and it should work.

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We will discuss tips, workarounds, and solutions, starting with the simplest and slowly touching to complex ones as we try to fix the problem you may be cladding.

How to fix youtube not working on firefox?

If youtube is not working on firefox, you may start by stimulating the youtube page. Likely, closing down the browser and re-launching can also help.

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Certain youtube videos not loading on wifi in the youtube app.

I am regretful to hear you’re having this issue. Have you tried deleting the youtube app from the device and re-installing to see if that makes any dissimilarity?

Update your android when youtube not work­ing on android

Although there is no connection between youtube not work­ing on android with your outdated android software, it can still cause some errors. And if your problem is due to the outdated operating system, then you can easily reduce it by proceeding for an update.

Close the youtube app and then restart it

If you’re attempting to watch youtube on a movable device, it’s possible the youtube app is misbehaving. The remedy? force the app to close and then restart it — here is how to close an app on android and close an app on ios. If you were attempting to watch youtube on a smart tv or streaming media participant, you can close and restart the app there as well, though the steps vary depending on what device you own.

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Certain youtube videos not loading on wifi in the youtube app.

Thank you for confirming this @robmariawest and i’m so regretful if i’m missing this in before posts, but do you notice any issues at all on any other streaming services when connected to the hub?

Change your youtube region manually.

Based on what we’ve found out, some users could fix the point by manually changing their district on youtube.

Update youtube app

Regularly the problems lie in the app. It’s a piece of software at the end of the daylight and they are prone to bugs. So try to update youtube app from play store (android) and app store (iphone). You can even try reverting to one of the former versions on android.

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Reboot your android smartphone if youtube not work­ing on android

Numerous problems related to your smartphone are actually fixable with a simple restart or reboot function. Agreement these problems will solve your issue of youtube not work­ing on android. This will close all the running applications and functions in your background, perhaps solving the issue you are facing while playing youtube. This will solve the point of youtube not work­ing on android. Also, rebooting your device does not take more than a couple of minutes. Here is the step-by-step process-

Certain youtube videos not loading on wifi in the youtube app.

Like i said in the main post, i have already done this multiple times along with multitudinous other everyday troubleshooting steps and the problem still exists. The problem occurs on all youtube apps (all of our movable devices) when on wifi (the problem isn’t present when on data so surely something to do with the virgin broadband).

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Why do i have no internet connection?

If your centurylink internet or wi-fi isn’t working, the problem is most likely one of these two scenarios:

Certain youtube videos not loading on wifi in the youtube app.

No there are no antivirus’, firewalls or vpn’s on the home network. I turned off the stock virgin media broadband firewall via the focus settings page and this still didn’t resolve the point.

1 unblock youtube in screen time settings

If this is the case, your guardian (or the human who set this restriction) can unblock youtube by going to settings screen time content solitude restrictions. From here, switch off content privacy restrictions.

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Youtube not working on android- how can you fix it?

The first item to categorize is whether youtube is down from its server end or is it something on our device that is stopping youtube from working. Apply this down detector to identify whether youtube is experiencing any server downtime or not. If the status is excellent and it shows no problems at youtube then the point is definitely with your smartphone. Follow the below-mentioned steps to categorize and fix the issue:

Why is my youtube on restricted mode by network administrator?

Other than a network administrator turning on restricted way, there are some other reasons you may see this mistake.

Why does youtube can’t play on iphone?

After updating to the latest ios variation, some users establish that their youtube videos can’t work over wifi on iphone. 1 on the authority of to latest research, this issue is mainly due to the ios software glitch and bug. The latest ios form has a bad incompatibility between your iphone and the youtube app. Therefore, we sum up some workable methods to fix this matter without causing any statistics loss.

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