Top 7 ways to solve iphone screen goes black during call

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On the next screen, you will be asked to find and choose the firmware form of your iphone. Click the download button to extract the firmware and repair your device.

To silence notifications on your iphone but not come by calls, you can arrange the settings on your phone. Go to settings, and then tap on do not disrupt. From there, you can choose to have your phone silenced for one hour, until the end of the daylight, or until you switch it off. You can also choose to admit calls from sure people or groups of people to come through even when do not disturb is activated.

If you’d like to get an iphone custom ringtone from mp with a few mouse movements and clicks, ios transfer is the best method to go. Although its name implies that it is a program for idevice data transfer, this instrument has many sought-after additional functions, and converting mp3 to iphone ringtone is just one of them.

Iphone pro max vs galaxy s21 ultra sound test | who’s your daddy !!!

Part how to convert mp to iphone ringtone without a computer via garageband

Garageband comes pre-installed on ios, ipados, and macos devices, and by now, it is free. If you wonder how to set ringtone in iphone without itunes and computer, garageband is the best mode to go.

Unlock iphone — free guide

Our free guide on how to unlock iphone, from any of the uk unstationary networks, once and for all. No need to jailbreak your iphone or any other hack — just an easy, unending method to unlock your iphone.

Sound effect apple iphone xr original ( ringtone by default )

Tip free up your iphone space

If you find your iphone always running slow and your iphone screen goes black all of a unannounced, the iphone black screen problem may be caused by full storage on your iphone 8 plus x. The measure you can take to prevent the matter from incident again is to back up your iphone contents to a computer and then delete the contents from your device to free up iphone space.

Free up some iphone storage

How to record a phone call on an iphone , , or

If you have an older iphone model, you have almost identical options to record your phone call. You can apply an outer recording device to record any call, albeit with less than ideal sound quality. You can try a few third-party apps if you need a more cubic solution. Some of the best options are shown below.

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Fix apple iphone 6s ear speaker, low volume muffled sound. easy no cost fix!

Call the iphone

When a call comes in to a locked phone, the lock screen switches to a call slider. Call the iphone. Swipe the slide to answer button on the iphone, if you can, and then depend up.

Free up some iphone storage

In myriad cases, the iphone freezes because of inadequate storage, and that’s why restoring via itunes finder can repair the problem. And if your frozen iphone can work in some cases, you can clean the space manually.

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