How to fix iphone 13 pro max passcode not working

Why is my iphone 13 pro not turning on?

A quick start is a feature that can be used on an aged ios system to set up a original one typically used as a conversion tool.

You can also enable do not intrude using control center. Swipe up from the bottom of the phone screen (or swipe down from the upper-right on iphone x and later models) to open control center, then tap the moon icon to switch do not interrupt on.

While if youtube is not working on your iphone x, iphone or ipad in ios 1, for instance, youtube quits unexpectedly on your device, next the solutions in this part to have a try.

Some of you may find that the iphone custom text tones not working only when some precise people sends texts to you. If so, maybe you have set it for some of the contacts. You’d better check it for certain by following this:

While itunes seems a really good way to help you repair your data from a backup file, there could be some issues one might encounter while applying it for restoration.


How to fix iphone sound notifications not working

Why does yahoo mail not working well on my iphone?

Yahoo mail not working on iphone is a frequently-ask question. It is such an annoying thing for yahoo mail and iphone users that they can’t send off or get emails normally. This issue will arise if yahoo mail hasn’t been used for a long time. Some unknown ios glitches and bugs will also cause this matter. When you are applying an outdated ios system variation, the incompatibilities should be a possibile reason for this problem.

Top methods to fix silent button on iphone not working

Usually, when the ring shift on iphone not responding, the first figuring out comes to your mind is to restart your ios device, and it can surely remove some software errors that may cause this matter. Owing to reason that the problem can take place on unalike models of iphone such as iphone and iphone xr, you can follow the below instructions.


Iphone not charging - no image - blank screen repair

Why is my iphone 1 not turning on?

It can be stressful to find your iphone 1 does not turn on ! the good news is that it is as a rule not hard to narrow down the problem and get your device working again. For the most part, when your iphone won’t switch on, the problem falls into one of these three categories:

My apple iphone 11 pro does not start or boot up

Fix for your iphone not turning on

Once you’ve figured out the probable causes, next the solutions below to try and see if your iphone turns on.

Why is my iphone pro not turning on?

If you’re sitting there thinking, ‘why is my iphone pro not turning on don’t worry. As you will find out, an iphone pro not turning on is a ordinary issue. A lot of people are speedy to make the assumption of the dreaded black screen of death, in-fact, here is a list of reasons why the iphone 13 pro won’t switch on.


Ear speaker not working on iphone , mini, 12 pro max? here’s the fix! (ios 1

Iphone not charging or charging very slowly

If you notice your iphone not charging when plugged in or charging very slowly, come after the steps below to fix the issues. Also, try charging your iphone after each step.

Iphone will not turn on

Plug your iphone into your computer or wall adapter to charge. If the phone does not charge when connected, the phone likely has a dead battery or a wretched charging port. Change the battery (applying this guide here ) with a partially charged one and see if the phone will turn on. If not, there may be a power button or reasoning board issue. If the phone does switch on, plug it in and see if the charging sign comes on. If the phone says it is charging, then the lightning connector plant, and the problem is either the old battery or the reasoning board.


Ways to fix iphone cannot send text messages

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