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The ultimate fix for iphone auto lock not working

If your iphone continues to fail to lock itself, go at the and reset all settings. Doing so will repair all settings to the default state and can fix your continued troubles.

Apple has removed the adeptness to have a widget when force crucial an icon in ios the old lights off widget can still be used on or higher by adding to the apple today screen. Refer to the lights off page for data on setting up the widget.

Answer: yes. The interior function of apple’s ‘spotlight’ is always receiving new facts and will put a toll on your battery life. It’s a function you don’t always need, so visit settings common spotlight search and disable that battery murderer.

The last resetting technique is the works reset. This nice of reset removes all data of your device and in one of the methods given below, even repairs and installs a novel ios.

How to factory reset iphone without password 0 [step by step]

Can i use autosleep with the apple sleep app?

Unreservedly. They both work independently of each other. We have setup an apple sleep integration page to answer all the everyday questions.

How to soft reset iphone

The procedure of soft resetting your iphone is a very straightforward and easy method of rebooting your phone. Not all models of the iphone have the same style of performing a cushiony reset. So, if you are wondering how do i reset my iphone and have no clue, here’s a list of iphone models from iphone to iphone and how to perform a cushiony reset on them:

Top ways to factory reset iphone without password 02

How to completely reset an iphone without passcode itunes

If you need to completely repair the device to plant defaults without a passcode, there is no easier or more effective method other than using imyfone fixppo. It can factory reset your phone in moments and at the exact time repair your software to stop further errors. Next the steps and learn how to reset iphone using imyfone fixppo. Watch video first

How to use the iphone sleep timer

How to fix focus ‘share across devices’ not working problem on iphone on ios

Focus mode has been failing to sync across myriad devices since it was released. This seems to be an underlying bug that is customarily caused by having dnd enabled when your phone was updating. This can be easily attached with a reboot and a simple toggle. However, some users are also facing sync issues due to mismatched setups or mistaken settings. If a reboot fails to fix the matter for you, then we advise you perform the subsequent checks mentioned in this guide

Hard reset your iphone

Actually, there is a general solution to fix various iphone issues including iphone won’t switch off --restarting iphone. Follow the steps below to perform a uncomplicated restart:

Top ways to hard reset iphone without itunes or passcode 02

How to factory reset iphone in settings

To do so on your iphone, go to settings common reset scratch all content and settings and enter the passcode to confirm erasing of all data.

Ensure that you are using the same apple id for all your devices

Apple id will only identify devices associated with your current apple id as your devices. Your settings, statistics, and focus mode will only be synced across all these devices to maintain solitude. This means that your focus way settings won’t carry over to a kin member’s device even if they are added as a family to your apple id. However, if their device has been added normally to your account, then your current focus way will sync with their device as well. We advise you make sure that you are signed in with the same apple id on all your recognized apple devices. You don’t have to monitor each device one by one to verify this. A substitute, you can follow the guide below.

Best ways to factory reset iphone without itunes or passcode

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