Why is my iphone not charging? 10 fixes you can try

How to fix iphone does not receive calls?

Anytime you are troubleshooting a problem, it helps to restart the system and see if that fixes the matter. If your phone still has enough battery being, restart the phone and then try to charge it again. If your phone battery is very, very little — under % — or already complete dead, don’t bother with this step.

If you pass an incorrect passcode too multitudinous times, your iphone will get disabled and alert you that iphone is disabled - try again in xx minutes. It have chance that you tap the wrong keys or you just forget your iphone passcode. Try to ratify your passcode and hit iphone keyboard carefully. Here are more troubleshooting tips on iphone passcode not working point.

If the battery is entirely discharged, then there may not be enough power to start your apple iphone 1 pro. We advise that you load your apple iphone pro and wait patiently.

Three steps to fix iphone plus wifi not working won’t turn on problem

How to fix the iphone flashlight if it not working

An iphone is a smart device that has enabled users to do several things such as attractive pictures and using it as a flashlight. With it, you’ll have no need to buy other standalone gadgets like cameras.

Solution make sure iphone is not in headphones mode

You may find that iphone speaker not working after remove headphones now and then. Though there is no headphone plugged in, your iphone still plays sounds in the headphone method.

Yahoo mail app crashing or not working on iphone ipad

Way to activate do not disturb mode at bedtime (digital health tool) on your iphone

Steps for switch on do not disturb at sleep time on iphone, ipad. In ios , apple introduced an stretching of the do not disturb function called focus. Our full guide will help you to inform how to apply focus on iphone and apple watch.

Keep iphone from sleeping by changing the auto-lock period

Iphone screen not responding to touch – proven fixes.

You may listen iphone users at times reporting – why is my iphone screen not working or why is my iphone screen not responding to touch?  i have, in this post, discussed about the probable solutions when you see that your iphone touch screen not working properly.

Why itunes is not detecting iphone

There are a few reasons why itunes not detecting iphone. There could be an matter with the usb cable you are applying, the usb port on the computer, the software on the iphone, or the computer could be outdated. Whatever the orbit of these problems, there are numerous ways to troubleshoot this problem. Therefore, this article will guide you on how to go about it and make your iphone and itunes make known.

Iphone not accepting correct passcode fix

What’s new with the iphone series — and why it’s not enough for me

Don’t get me wrong — the iphone isn’t without some exciting original upgrades, especially when you take a look at the more extra iphone pro and pro max. I’m especially intrigued by the new wonderful retina xdr with promotion display, which has a enliven rate of up to hz. That’s a lot of fancy word spit up to interpret that the iphone 13 pro’s screen can move twice as smoothly as that of recent iphones with 0 hz displays. In daily apply, we’ve found 0 hz displays to be an immediately noticeable upgrade — scrolling through webpages and photos feels faster and more fluid, and games and movies can look smoother and more akin to what you’d see on a tv.

How do i fix my iphone not receiving emails from yahoo mail?

Whenever you can’t get unique emails from yahoo on the iphone, you should revive the mail app. Suppose you won’t receive the unique emails on the iphone from yahoo. Gratify change these settings in the yahoo account iphone.

Iphone x incoming calls not showing - fixed by jumping wires

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