Why does my iphone speaker sound muffled? [solved]

Tip use earbuds to fix iphone 1 bad sound quality

Fixing an iphone when a speaker doesn’t work isn’t necessarily hard, but it can be shady. That’s because many things can potentially cause an iphone’s orator to remain silent.

You get snow-white earbuds along with your iphone. Apply them to make phone calls on the device, and they even feature an in-built microphone.

Updating ios is always advisable to fix all types of software issues that arise on an iphone including the iphone orator not working matter:

There could be numerous reasons why your iphone orator isn’t working, so let’s start by checking through some basics.

When my iphone orator starts acting up, the first item i look at is if the audio holes are plugged up with junk.

It is probable that the plumb from your iphone might be playing through a third-party output hardware. This is not a allegory and it really happens if you have connected your iphone to a bluetooth speaker or airplay device in the past.

Iphone xr left speaker not working, no sound! fixed - iphone (pro max), max iphone xs

How to fix a non-working iphone speaker

If your iphone lecturer isn’t working properly, next these steps, in order, to troubleshoot the problem and get it working again.

Tip make iphone calls on speaker

Making iphone calls on the lecturer rather than against your head can be an easy fix for numerous users who encounter iphone poor sound quality issues with device phone calls. All you have to do is to put your iphone call onto a lecturer simply.

Iphone speaker sounds muffled? an apple tech’s fix!

Restart iphone to fix iphone speaker not working issue

Restarting an iphone is the best and the easiest remedy to fix all types of ios issues including the iphone orator not working mistake. The methods to restart an iphone are unlike depending on the iphone generation.

A final thought on why your iphone speaker sounds muffled

Basic troubleshooting for iphone speaker not working

Like many other issues, essential troubleshooting can be a great help while dealing with iphone lecturer not working. This is a fairly easy and common method which is less prolonged than the others.

Call someone using the iphone speaker

Calling someone using your iphone’s speakerphone is also a good idea to monitor whether or not the lecturer is damaged or if it’s just a software problem. Choose a contact and call on its number. Then, switch on the speakerphone by tapping on its icon as shown below.

How to fix bad audio quality on iphone

Restore iphone to fix iphone speaker not working issue

Restoring iphone to fix iphone speaker not working matter should be your last resort. Also, you must make certain to backup your iphone before restoring it as it results in data bereavement. Come after the steps below to restore iphone and solve the iphone speaker not working issue.

Tip repair iphone system to fix iphone sound quality issues without data loss

To make sure that the system gets repaired, we advise applying ultfone ios system repair tool. So, whether the iphone has wretched sound quality, black screen, recovery mode stuck, or any other software connected issue, the software can fix it right away. It is a professional instrument that has three major features, and each one of them is helpful under different circumstances. So, whatever greater point you are facing in your ios device, you can fix them with one-click.

How to fix iphone speaker sounding weird!

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