What to do if you drop your iphone in water?

Iphone water damage cost - how much to fix it?

After doing above essential hacks, once you power on your water damaged iphone, there are two possibilities, either your phone starts working but you have departed your data or iphone does not switch on at all!do not panic, as in either case, you can get your lost photos and videos from a water damaged iphone via two methods

If you drop your iphone in water, dry it off with some uncooked rice. This is recommendation we’ve all heard before, but it’s not true.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not very knowledgeable about verve. But, in common, if you put your iphone in water, you should be responsible about three things.

As apple’s regular warranty doesn’t cover liquid damage (not covered by apple’s one-year limited warranty or an applecare protection plan) users much make the query – can i monitor for any water damage to my device after my iphone dropped in water?

How to remove water from iphone speaker?

What to do if you drop your iphone in water

Lastly, if you dropped your phone into the ocean or any liquid with particles (such as soup or a dirty puddle), wash it perfectly under the tap for some minutes. It might probe counter-intuitive, but salt will corrode the electrics, and errant particles can short the circuitry.

Things to-do immediately if iphone has water contact

Now with all perceptible water removed, you’re eager to stuff the iphone into a rice bag (or a bag of silica gel packets, if you happen to have a bunch of those).

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What you shouldn’t do when iphone fell in water

Water damage can lead to important problems with the frail internal circuitry on your iphone, leaving it inoperable and your treasured files gone for good. When your iphone fell in water, you should understand what not to do.

How can i retrieve data from my water damaged iphone?

How to get water out of your iphone to dry out the device?

Step remove phone cases or covers, if any, since they can trap in moisture. Take out the sim card and the battery also and place them on a paper towel to dry them off,

Steps to prevent water damage when your iphone dropped in water

Come after the steps below to rescue your device from water damage when your iphone fell in water by accident.

How to fix iphone plus- water damage free!!

What not to do if you drop your iphone in water

This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? how are you assumed to get the wetness out of your phone if you dropped it in water?

Where can i get my water damaged iphone fixed?

There are a lot of independent phone shops that could help, but they won’t offer you a assurance and you will have to pay a high cost for a assistance that you can’t guarantee will work.

How to remove water out of iphone speakers? ( will work with all iphones)

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