How to cast mirror an iphone to a chromebook

Factory reset iphone without itunes

Clearing all of your data on your iphone is just as straightforward as aid it up, but make sure you have your apple id and watchword handy.

This method is also a speedy one and does not need to be near a computer until when syncing your data with your computer, therefore no need to use itunes. Now, let’s check the steps below to plant reset the iphone:

If you have an apple id account, your iphone is likely connected to find my, apple’s broad device tracking network. This help also lets you reset and erase your iphone without having the open sesame for it.

Help!!! is it someway possible to reset your iphone without itunes? my iphone s is frozen and i don’t want to apply itunes, it sucks and is hard to use. Can someone tell me how to reset the iphone without itunes? thanks a lot!

If you are looking for a seamless mode to transfer photos, media files, documents, etc.

How to factory reset iphone without password 0 [step by step]

Faqs about how to hard reset iphone xr

Hard reset an iphone xr is a makeshift way to fix iphone stuck. Once you reset the iphone, it turns your iphone off and back on abruptly, which is a rapid fix for these everyday software problems. If you just need to fix some buggy apps, you only need to have a cushiony reset.

Why can’t reset my iphone to factory settings?

Here are a few of the problems that can cause you to be unable to reset your iphone to mill settings:

Top ways to factory reset iphone without password 02

How to connect your iphone to chromebook using usb

There’s no driver, software, or apps you need to install. Like to how it works on pc, connect your iphone to your chromebook applying a lightning to usb cable.

How to reset an iphone using find my

Connect iphone to chromebook (0

Here, we have mentioned both wired and wireless methods to connect iphone to chromebook. Based on your preference, you can go through the pertinent guide from the link below.

Part factory reset an iphone without a computer via find my iphone feature

Apple offers two options to apply find my iphone features - via icloud. Com and via the find my feature on the iphone. The first option requires you to prepare an internet-connected device (either a computer or a unstationary phone). And the second choice requires you to arrange an ios device with find my iphone app installed.

Top ways to hard reset iphone without itunes or passcode 02

A useful way to factory reset iphone with software

Comparing to the method of factory resetting iphone through settings app, there are many unknow reasons can lead to non-performance. But if you fix a professional iphone eraser to mill reset your device, then you will never have these troubles. One of such kindly of program can do this well named imyfone umate pro. It’s a easy-to-use tool in erasing all iphone ipad data and go back to works settings.

Part factory reset an iphone without a computer via settings

In this part, we will make known the steps to perform a factory reset on your iphone. But before you start, bear in mind to back up all your data on iphone  since once you reset, all of your information on the iphone is gone and can not be recovered.

Best ways to factory reset iphone without itunes or passcode

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