How to fix iphone ringer not working ( easy steps)

Iphone is not ringing? check mute, check do not disturb, check airplane

You might already know how important the silent way on any smartphone is. After all, there are times when we have to put our iphone on quiet mode. Though the iphone still button is not working, it can cause unwanted issues for you. Don’t worry – facing the iphone silent switch not working is a commonplace issue that can easily be fastened. In this post, i will troubleshoot the iphone silent manner, not working issue in different ways.

Now and then, your iphone thinks it is connected with headphones, and the sound out of an incoming call goes to the headphone device.

The problem of iphone not ringing can occur without admonition, but being armed with the apprehension to handle it can help you to troubleshoot this kind of issue. By now, your iphone ringing problem should be fastened, ensuring you do not miss future calls.

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Fixes for iphone pro not ringing

To figure out what’s wrong with your iphone pro, try a few probable user-error fixes before poignant into software or hardware troubleshooting. Here’s a list of eight things to troubleshoot.

Turn up the ringer volume of your iphone

If your iphone is not ringing when you get a phone call, but your videos and music are playing at a normal volume, then this means your ringer quantity is turned all the way down and your media amount is turned up. These are two separate settings in ios

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Ii. how to fix iphone no ringer sound issue if it is software problem

Unluckily, all the aforementioned checks may not offer any figuring out to your iphone not ringing ear-splitting. This is customarily because the problem is from a software error. If this should be the case, you need to deal with the software mistake before the ringer can work again.

How to fix iphone x 8 plus ringtone not working

Tips to fix ios ringtone not working on iphone

Tip make sure you are not setting the mute button to soundless. If you see the red color on the mute button on your iphone, you may need to shift it to sanction your ringtone ring.

Turn iphone ringer volume up

Apple enables you to set the ringer amount up separately unlike from other sounds on your iphone x plus.

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Causes of the iphone not ringing problem

Restart the iphone. The first step in troubleshooting any device is to restart it. A restart can fix numerous glitches.

Why is my iphone not ringing when i get a call or text?

If your iphone hasn’t suffered a hard fall or other corporeal damage, you can probably rule out hardware failing as the reason for it not ringing. To be certain, open youtube or any other music app and play something. Apply the volume up button on the side of your device to increase the volume.

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