Iphone pro not charging? how to fix the problem

Why won’t my iphone 1 turn on?

When you find that your iphone won’t switch on or charge you will need to decide if there is a software or hardware problem. Next these steps to troubleshoot this problem.

The causes of iphone died and won’t switch on while charging can be traced a few reasons which can be explained below:

There are numerous factors, which stop your iphone from turning on. Maybe, the battery may have died. Way, the lack of power might be the problem.

Apple user posted on apple chat, iphone showing charging icon lightning cable on the screen when plugged on it. After minutes, side button is not working and black screen of death.

The tips mentioned above should fix your iphone won’t switch on issue. However, if nothing plant, your device is having a hardware-related problem.

Recently, lots of users reported that their iphone not charging or charging slowly after ios, update.

How to reset iphone without apple id password when find my iphone is on

Part fix iphone died and won’t turn on while charging due to hardware problems

This section will help you find the probable hardware solutions for iphone died and won’t switch on while charging.

Heat iphone battery before charging

If you are in one occurrence like this, you can try a very easy procedure to overcome iphone stuck on the charging screen. Just disjoin your iphone from the charging cable. Then keep your iphone ipad come across down and apply a hairdryer aiming at the device’s back right side and edge where the battery is located, for about minutes.

How to turn off sleep mode on iphone

My iphone won’t turn on

The quick fix: this could be a uninvolved system crash. Perform an iphone yielding reset even if the phone seems dead. To do this press and hold both the power (sleep wake) button and the supply down button at the selfsame time for 0- seconds. If the logo appears - your contrived restart did the trick.

What to do when my iphone not turning on or charging?

The best way to fix iphone charging but won’t turn on

We have mentioned that this matter might be caused by some ios errors we do not comprehend. So, we must apply a professional method to help us if the iphone is not turning on while charging.

Here’s what you need to do when your iphone fails to charge

Are the charging accessories you are applying working? the charging accessories are what you need to monitor before anything else. Monitor if the socket is turned on. If yes, try to use a unlike socket to connect your charge.

How to turn off iphone sleep mode

Part what do i do if my iphone is charging but won’t turn on due to software problems?

This section of the article addresses the probable software solutions to iphone died and won’t switch on while charging.

What to do when my iphone won’t turn on or charge?

If your iphone won’t switch on and doesn’t answer when you touch it or if you see your iphone stuck on the apple logo when you turn it on, you may try the following fixes which will make your iphone boot again and work as it should be unless your device has a hardware problem.

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