Automatically fix windows security issues

Fixes for windows 11 not booting up turning on loading starting

Winoptimizer free  has a bunch of optimization tools which work as slow computer fix. these tools let you cleanup system, optimize performance, access seclusion options, diagnose issues , etc. drives, registry, internet junk, can be cleaned with this freeware. you can also defrag, tune startup, run processes , etc. other extra tools are also to hand here to handle files, like: splitter, joiner, undeleter, etc.

The same mother company developed this free repair tool for windows as fixwin. however, it comes with its specialized repairing functions for the windows pc.

If you have fixed internet connection and your mostly internet used by your qualifications services then you need to limit your internet for background services and apps.

If none of the above methods work for you, chances are you accidentally erased facts from windows. the last resort is to do a fresh instal of windows 10.

How to enter windows 10 safe mode when windows cannot boot normally

Bonus - ( extras ) the best windows 11 repair tools

If you have been experiencing any windows 10 or 11 os issues, you can use these free tools to repair your windows os with ease.

A free productivity program for windows

Free window registry repair portable is a functional, free windows software, association to the category productivity software with subcategory cataloging and has

Fix windows 10 stuck in safe mode and wont boot

Method 4 windows 10 very slow and unresponsive then its time to update

Windows 10 is known for its regular updates, which help fix bugs, resulting in maximizing efficiency and better system performance to deal with the windows 10 very slow and unresponsive issue. fa‡ade update database issue? fix it by clicking here.

How to disable or uninstall onedrive from windows 10

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Run the sfc to solve the slow issue.

Remove reserved bandwidth for windows updates

Windows privately reserves a significant portion of the total available bandwidth for windows updates. by default, 20 percent of the bandwidth is unresponsive for windows updates , and is not being used entirely when there is no update to hand. you can remove this keeping from windows 11 by following the steps below:

Reinstall windows

If you’re running a low-end computer, you may not notice the distinction between this update and the prior one.

How to fix windows 10 stuck in safe mode - wont boot infinite loop

13. debloat windows 10

Of late, windows has become incredibly swollen with useless apps and services. these apps take up decisive ram, processing power, and disk space. it significantly slows down the system, leaving you with a laggy mess. the melancholy part is that you can’t even uninstall these apps through the control panel. so,  we are using administrator advantage and execution procedure  as a workaround to remove such apps and services. here are the steps to do it, which will at last speed up windows 10 significantly.

What can i do if windows 10 is too slow?

Occasionally your windows 10 can change slow if your essential components or applications are out of date.

4 ways to boot to safe mode in windows 10

What it fixes

Block you from uninstalling a program through add or remove programs (or programs and features) in control panel.

The computer locks up at the hp or compaq logo screen or the windows loading screen

If the computer locks up at the hp or compaq logo screen or the windows loading screen, try cleaning the computer vents with compressed air.

Boot windows 10 in safe mode when pc is not booting

How to boot into safe mode on windows 11

The best all-in-one computers for 2022

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Fixes for windows 11 not booting up turning on loading starting

As mentioned above, windows 11 not starting covers very a few unlike situations, so there may be several possible solutions. each of them can be used to fix particular problems and you may need to go through multiple fixes to find the ones that work for you.

Solved: windows 10 won t boot (100% working solution)

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